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15 juin 2006 4 15 /06 /juin /2006 19:27

En Anglais pour le moment - extrait de "The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No.169"

The First Vegetarian Law in the
of Florida, USA

By Florida News Group (Originally in English)

Thanks to Master’s blessing and the efforts of disciples, the Alternative Living message is spreading throughout Florida. Now the State of Florida has passed its .rst vegetarian law.

This is the first time that vegetarianism has appeared in any law in Florida. It was proposed on April 11 and passed on April 25. Vegetarian groups across the country are celebrating this unexpected, spectacular event and are planning to promote similar laws in other states.

The law, HR 9095, says that next year is “Healthy School Lunch Year, a year in which all
school districts and parents of school children in the state are urged to emphasize the importance of and to provide daily diets consisting of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes,
including regular vegetarian entrée options.

The law also says, “Exposure to vegetarian entrées in the school cafeteria would positively influence children with poor eating habits.”

Also, “School children who identify themselves as vegetarian or vegan or are from families who avoid meat and dairy foods may be at a disadvantage if no appropriate school lunch meals are offered in their respective schools.”


Youpiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!

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c'est presque historique!